Episode 53

Published on:

2nd May 2023

Ep 53 - Should You Let Your Strong Opinions, Politics, and Beliefs ALL HANG OUT in Your Business?

In this episode of the Big Truths of Small Business podcast, hosts Joe and Travis delve deep into the intricate relationship between personal beliefs, politics, and strong opinions within the realm of business. The discussion revolves around the phenomenon of influential figures, such as athletes, CEOs, and influencers, intertwining their personal thoughts with their public personas and businesses. The hosts argue that these personal aspects inevitably become woven into a business's brand identity.

The episode likely explores the following key points:

  1. Brand Image Impact: The hosts likely discuss how personal beliefs and opinions can significantly influence the public's perception of a business. Aligning positively with the values of the target audience may enhance the brand, while misalignment could result in negative consequences.
  2. Role of Public Figures: There is likely an analysis of the role of public figures like influencers and CEOs as personalities and how their personal opinions can impact the success or failure of a business.
  3. Navigating Controversial Topics: The discussion may touch upon strategies for businesses to navigate controversial topics and whether taking a stance on certain issues is advantageous or detrimental to their brand.
  4. Emphasis on Authenticity and Transparency: The hosts may stress the importance of authenticity and transparency in today's business landscape, where consumers value genuine and openly expressed values.
  5. Balancing Personal Expression: The hosts likely explore the challenges of striking a balance between personal expression and its potential impact on the business, particularly in an era where social media amplifies personal opinions.

In essence, the episode appears to be an insightful exploration of the intricate connection between personal beliefs and the business world, shedding light on the multifaceted considerations that arise in our digitally interconnected age.

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About the Podcast

BIG Truths of Small Business
A deep philosophical dive into small business and the people that run them.
Having recognized over decades that small business works differently than big business, serial entrepreneurs , Joe Watkins and Travis Cassell, take us on a journey to quantify, qualify, and strip back the curtains of small business successes and failures, and to uncover the real stories behind their leaders, owners, and founders.

They will talk philosophy, politics, culture, music, and good old fashion small business fundamentals as they interview small business owners all over the southeast of America to discover the golden nuggets, hidden gems, fast tricks, and trade secrets as to what makes a great small business tick.

Furthermore, they will unravel the TRUTHS of what's REALLY important as they analyze how to maintain balance in your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social lives.

About your hosts

Joe Watkins

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Joe Watkins is not just a Business Coach & Consultant; he's a serial entrepreneur with a deep fascination for how businesses operate and how to enhance them. With over 30 years of entrepreneurship and leadership experience, Joe uses his practical coaching model called the "6 FIBERS of Life & Business" to guide small business owners and executives. Drawing from his successful ventures, including a seven-figure business exit, Joe brings real-life experiences and a results-oriented approach to help clients achieve their goals.

His expertise extends to the real estate space, where he's achieved significant success by flipping over 450 homes, renovating over 1000 properties, building 200 new construction houses, and managing 1600 single-family rental properties since 2006. Before venturing into real estate, Joe owned a Chick-fil-A restaurant during his decade-long stint in the restaurant business.

Beyond business, Joe is a multi-faceted individual. He's competitive in golf, plays the guitar and sings, holds a strong faith, enjoys long motorcycle trips, and cherishes his family—his wife and two grown kids. Joe Watkins brings a diverse set of skills, experiences, and passions to the table, making him a dynamic and well-rounded professional.

Travis Cassell

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Growing up in a family business, Travis had an up-close look at what "being the boss" was like. It often requires longer hours and an immense amount of sacrifice but is fueled by the success of clients and employees. Helping people grow and win is what it is all about. In his experience with both Fortune 500 companies and small family businesses, the biggest lesson he has learned is that “there are no shortcuts.”

Travis has worked in the real estate business in some capacity since 1994, first as a realtor, then as a top producing mortgage loan officer. In 2002, he began purchasing rental homes of his own and discovered there was a real need for a professional property management service. And thus, Travis co-founded Cutting Edge Property Management in 2004. He sold this business in 2007 and became founder and CEO of Lighthouse Property Management in Atlanta, GA.

Under Travis’s leadership, Lighthouse grew to more than $25,000,000 in managed assets. In 2019, he successfully merged Lighthouse with Bravo Group Real Estate and was rebranded as Yesirent Property Management. Yesirent currently manages assets in excess of $100,000,000 in the metro Atlanta market. Travis remains with the firm as Associate Broker and President of Sales and Business Development.